Who We Are

ZIBAA which means "Beautiful" in Persian, was inspired by the colourful streets of Mumbai to Istanbul.

We authenticate an entirely new spice world experience that is communicated via a modern casual eating experience. Bite into a tantalizing fusion of Persian, Indian, Mediterranean, and local street flavours. These sensations will take you on a journey to the exotic land of spices, and with a twist.

We recommend you share our small plates and other dishes to enjoy the flavours together.

Logo and Tagline

Logo : Comprised of 5 different colors to portray the colors of spices itself.

Spice it up : through our tagline, we wanted to show that ZIBAA is always ready to provide a memorable good experience for every customer on every visit with a variety of herbs and spices and that are always featured in every plate we serve.

Our Partners

Zibaa was created with nature in mind. In Zibaa, we work hard to deliver the very best, from the dishes we craft and the product we source, building relationships with ethically-minded farms, communities and companies along the way.

Fruit & Vegetables

Working as nature intended, with the help of Paskomnas and Amazing Farm, our seasonal fruits and veg is sourced as locally as possible. Amazing Farm boasts the Aeroponic method, a technology for growing vegetables in a greenhouse without using any substrate. This method allows the roots of the vegetables to be freely hanging in the air, removing any potential contact with soil and dirt. The nutrient is delivered via precisely timed sprays, which sprat nutritious liquid directly to the roots.


Chicken & Eggs

We use stamped free-range eggs and the highest quality farming practices from Japfa. Japfa Ciomas operate its integrated network of commercial poultry farms and Type-A slaughterhouse processing faciities to guarantee a consistent and traceable supply of fresh quality chickens. Japfa creates quality, specially formulated, animal feed through innovative research and development.



Toba Tilapia is ASC-certified fish farmed in the ideal environment of the lake with it's pristine water. The quality of their feed which contains zero fishmeal is the key contributors to the exceptional taste and texture of our tilapia. Our tilapia fish is not just a commodity but it also has brought improvement in welfare for the community surrounding us.


Rice Grains

We at ZIBAA Believe in using a quality product and we have only chosen premium quality rice grains. Cantik Manis rice smells fragrant and pandan, not artificial but occurs naturally. The rice is grown in the Cianjur region and is famous for top-quality rice grains. Mumtaz creamy Basmati rice is one of premium quality from India. Widely used by some of the best star restaurants for it's quality and very good taste.



Tokusen select premium Wagyu genetics by rear the herd on their farm under stringent management and animal welfare standards. From the moment a Wagyu calf is born, everything is done with tender loving care in a stress-free environment for the Wagyu cattle to meet the carcass performance of luxury beef.



AQUA Reflections originated from the rain on the foothill of Mt Salak naturally filtered through layers of volcanic rocks and fused with natural minerals over the years.